Featurock Industries has set the industry standard for high quality architectural precast concrete in Ontario for over 35 years.  Our products can be seen on commercial buildings, residential residences (of all sizes and types) and even historical buildings in the GTA and beyond. 
Our experienced staff can help guide you through the process of creating your unique design and needs.  We realize that high quality products help create customer satisfaction, but our staff goes beyond just that.  We will sit down you and help you create what you want, not what others tell you that you should have.  We will work with both your architect, your general contractor and even the masons on site that will install your product to create the highest quality look on the market.
As a family-owned business, we know the importance of your home.  We are here to ensure that you will have many years of maintenance free enjoyment from your single biggest investment.  Let us offer you our unique designs and reliable service.

Reasons why we rock....

Innovating and perfecting the industry for over 30 years
Our precast pros work with you through each step to make sure the design and functionality is exactly as you like
Everything is custom made to your project specs for an utterly unique final product
Customer Service is available to answer your questions and ensure you remain informed throughout the whole process
Friendly and knowledge staff with decades in experience
As a family-owned business, we understand the enormity of your investment in your home

Portico Entrances

A portico entrance adds both functionality and aesthetic beauty to the front of a home.  It gives you a covered porch where you can pause out of a rainstorm to take out your keys without getting wet.  It prevents sleet and snow from reaching the front of your door and shields the front entrance from the damage of elements. 
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Window & Door Surrounds

Window and door surrounds are an evolution of a long standing requirement in home building.  They are comprised of the lintel (above the window), the sill (below the window) and the jambs (the sides of the window). 
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Caps & Coping

Caps and coping are precast components that are used to finish off exterior walls.  A Cap is a square or rectangular single piece that sits on top of a column and creates both a finished look and also to protect the column underneath.  Caps usually have an edge to them that allows water to drip off the edge of the piece rather than making its way back to the column. 
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Banding is a product that is designed to break up the monotonous look of an elevation of a home.  While usually it serves no structural component, it does provide a highly favorable aesthetic look.  Precast such as this is one way you can make your home look less “box-like” and add more curb appeal.
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Our Process

We are with you from design to the final product

Our Recent Work

Specializing in concrete products, at Featurock Industries Ltd. in Richmond Hill we offer residential and commercial construction and landscaping.
A family owned business specializing in concrete products. At Featurock Industries Ltd. in Richmond Hill we offer residential and commercial construction and landscaping.
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